Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why do women put perfume on their wrist?

Yeah, why they put on their wrist? not on their hands,arms,underarms? what do they know that men don't know? huh... women is special. Ok, it a cursory poll of some females indicated that they most of them had no idea why they put perfume on their wrist.
     This is the fact:
              " women put some perfume on their wrist because there is a pulse point there. Pulse point are located                                        wherever the pulse of the heartbeat is closest to the surface of the skin. The heat generated by the pulse point with intensity a perfume's impact"  
 Now we use our logical thinking, wrist is the most suitable place, it easy for women to smell it. how can they put it other place it just can easily to be smell. It seem difficult if they put it other place. Just imagine our self when they put a perfume to other place. Hahahahaha...

                                                           Have our own collection k... 

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