Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For the future doctors, this is the basic thing you must know.. hihi...

1) how many gene does a human being have?
    the human genome, with its  3.2 billion DNA building blocks, has now been completely decoded. Only 3% f the DNA contains genes that serve as recipes for the building proteins. A few year ago, the numbers of human genes was through to be 100,000 but we know that it is about 25,000.
                                                        this is the sample of DNA
2) How large the human cell?
     the human body has more than 200 cell type in range of sizes. Most have a diameter of between 20 and 50 micrometer. at 120 micrometers, the ova is the thickest, and spermatozoa are the thinnest, with a diameter of only 3 micrometers. The longest are the spinal nerves, which can form branches of up to 1 m in length.
                                                         microscopic human cell
3) How rapid does food pass through the intestines?
     the length of time takes for the meal to make its journey through the 8 m or so of the intestine depends on what was it in. Fat and roughage are the contents that have the most influence on the amount of time food spent in the stomach and the rate at which it is transported  on from there. Speeds of between 20 and 40 mm a minute are achieve  in the small intestine. On average, it take two to three days for the undigested  element of our diet to complete the journey from mount to anus.

4)How much water does the human body contain?
     The human body as the whole is made up of 60-70% water. The highest water content-99%- found in the vitreous body of the eyes. Lymph  and blood contain 96% wan 88% respectively. The least amount of water- even less than in bones (13%)- is contained in tooth enamel a mere 0.2%.

5) How many bone are there in the human skeleton?
     the human body has about 206 bones, but it is possible for it to have more. Some people, for example, have an addition, 13th set of ribs or-in every case- more than 10 fingers and toes. About half of all our bones found in our feet and hands. New born babies have about 350 bones, several of which fuse together later in life.
                                               human skeleton, calculate it our self.
6) How many sperm does man produce?
     it takes about 70 days for the mature sperm to develop from it precursor cell. About 1000 sperm per  second are produce in the testicle which amounts to 100 million sperm each days, pf which unused sperm are broken down. A milliliter of the seminal fluid contains about 60 million sperm. After sexual intercourse they just have 3 days to reach ovum before they die.
                              this just a sample of testis, the place where sperm is produce
7) How many muscle does human being have?
   A human being have more than 600 muscle, which make up 40% of men weight and 30% of a women's. The largest muscle is the broad latissimus dorsi back muscle, and the smallest is attached to the stapes, or stirrup ossicle, in the middle ear.
                                                    wow, a lot of muscle, how to count it? possible!!
8) How many cell does cells does blood contain?
      in the adult 51 of blood, there is 50 million white blood corpuscle, 1.5 trillion blood platelets and 25 trillion red blood corpuscles- together representing one quarter of the body's total number of cell. More than 2 million red blood corpuscles are produces in the bone marrow every second. If they were laid end to end, they would stretch a distance of 192500 km
9) What is the output of the heart?
     During the low level of physical activity the heart pumps 4-5 liters of blood per minutes, 0r 6000-7000 liters a day. Some 140-300 ml go into the heart ventricle, 70-130 ml of which are pumped out of every heartbeat. By the time we reach the age of 70, out heart will have beaten about 2.5 billion time and pumped 160 million liters of blood.
                                                   never stop pumping until we die!! 

daripada article ini, dapat juga melihat kebesaran Ilahi, Ya Allah, Engkau telah mencipta manusia-manusia dengan sempurna. Hanya Engkau yang dapat mencipta manusia dengan sehebat ini. Sesungguhnya Engkau lebih mengetahui tentang penciptaan manusia ini. Allahuakbar!!

Can we imagine pain?

    The causes of some pain are unknown. In the past, these were explain as symptoms of psychological disorders. However, we know that chronic pain can lead to changes in the central nervous system. Sufferers develop a sort of pain memory, so that they continue to feel pain, even when the original trigger has long since disappeared. This helps to explain why some people develop hypersensitive reactions to harmless minor irritations.
    The phantom pain that some people claim to feel in a part of the body that have been amputated may be result of a region of the brain recalling earlier pain signal. In the absence of these earlier signal, other signal produce same feeling of pain. Medication or electrical stimulation can help the brain to forget previously experienced pains.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Why are human most comfortable at 22'C? Why not at 37'C?

ye x ye jgk eh.. why human most comfortable at 22'C? why not 37'C? it's at 37'C we already achieve equilibrium? body temperature 37'C, so, we must be comfortable at 37'C, not at 22'C...
ok, this is the fact:
 'most of us cling to the habit of wearing clothes. Clothing helps us retain body heat, some of which must be dissipated in order for us to feel comfortable in warm environments. Uncovered parts of our body usually radiated enough heat to meet the ambient air temperature halfway, if we are fully clothes at 22'C, the undercover hands, ears and face will radiated only a small portion of our heat, but enough to make us comfortable. Nude at 22'C we could feel cold, for our bodies would give off too much heat. Humidity and wind also affect our comfort level. The more humid the air, the greater ability it has to absorb heat. Wind can also wreak havoc with our comfort level.It hastens the flow of the heat radiated and then constantly moves the air away slightly cooler air to replace it'.
it's I take the correct fact? so, now we know why. this all because of our surrounding environments.
so, now, take a deep breath because you already achieve equilibrium even you know your surrounding temperature is different with your body temperature. huhu...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why do we blush when we are embarrassed?

we turn red when our blood vessel in our skin expand. This can occur after physical effort, or when it's hot, because it enables the body to lose heat. It also occurs if we are angry or in unpleasant or embarrassing situation, because stress hormones cause blood pressure to rise, which increase the blood supply to the skin, showing up particular on the face and neck. Blushing caused by embarrassment only last for a few second and is often barely  noticeable. However, some people have a stronger reaction and for reasons that are still unclear, the increase blood flow continues for longer periods. Fear of blushing can make the problem even worse. This phenomenon which called ERYTHROPHOBIA can be treated by psychotherapy, relaxation therapy, medicine or a last resort, surgery.

huhu, i have a friend, even he not embarrassed but, his face always pink@red. huh.. we call him 'pink'!!

Why don't people in old photograph smile?

Hahaha... it seem funny..  yeah.. sometimes, we also think about it. why people in old photograph don't smile? 
ok, this is some of the fact: jeng,jeng,jenggggggg..
    " nineteenth-century photographic material were nowhere near as light sensitive as today 's films. This mean instead of the fractional second exposure we take for granted, the pioneer photographers needed several minutes to properly set an image on a sensitised plate. while the shutter was open.(the first camera had no shutter. a cap was placed over the lens and the photographers would remove it to begin the exposure and replace it when the time was up.) Holding a smile for that length of time can be uncomfortable; that why they seen the same sombre look on early portraits. That's what a relaxed face look like".

   hhaha... this is good, so then. we are lucky because don't have camera that not wait for a long period for a exposure. huh.. don't believe me? here some fact:
       'a good portraitist will not ask subject to smile and have them hold it even for more than a few secong, as the smile start looking force. With the long exposure of old, the smiles would look phony and detract from the photo. Look at your in the mirror with a 30-second smile on your self '. 

now, believe it? huhu...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why do women put perfume on their wrist?

Yeah, why they put on their wrist? not on their hands,arms,underarms? what do they know that men don't know? huh... women is special. Ok, it a cursory poll of some females indicated that they most of them had no idea why they put perfume on their wrist.
     This is the fact:
              " women put some perfume on their wrist because there is a pulse point there. Pulse point are located                                        wherever the pulse of the heartbeat is closest to the surface of the skin. The heat generated by the pulse point with intensity a perfume's impact"  
 Now we use our logical thinking, wrist is the most suitable place, it easy for women to smell it. how can they put it other place it just can easily to be smell. It seem difficult if they put it other place. Just imagine our self when they put a perfume to other place. Hahahahaha...

                                                           Have our own collection k... 

What are QUASARS?

Quasars are among of the brightest object in the universe, radiating more energy than entire galaxies. After speculating for years about a mysterious nature of quasars, astronomers now know that they are located at the heart of some galaxies. They draw their own energy from enormous black hole which has masses billions of times greater than that of our sun/ Like cosmic vacuum cleaner these gravitational monsters suck up matter fro their surrounding, releasing unimaginable quantities of energy in the process.


                                                                      image of quasars

Is yawning infection?

Unborn babies yawn in the womb. Children and adults don't just yawn when they are tired or bored, but also before becoming active. We yawn when we go to sleep and when we wake up. The actual cause of yawning remains a mystery, and experiments with oxygen masks have shown that it has nothing to do with the lack of oxygen. It seems likely what yawning in the social signal that invites others to join in with whatever we want to do, whether it's some communal activity or simply going to yawning will do the same, so yawning really is infections. People who find it very easy to empathise with other are among the most infected.

see, make us becoming active.So, to become more active we must yawn frequently... Hahahaa... happy yawning k!! hihi...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kenyataan Sains Dalam Al-Quran Bahagian 2

                     Alam yang Berkembang
       Menerusi kajian yang dijalankan terhadap galaktik, para saintis menetapkan bahawa ala mini mengalami perkembangan. Dalam konteks ini Al-Quran menegaskan:
       Dan langit itu kami dirikan dengan kekuasaaan kami (dalam bentu binaan yang kukuh rapi). Dan sesungguhnya Kami adalah mempunyai kekuasaan yang tidak terhingga. ( Surah Al-Dzaariyat)
Ungkapan “sama’a” bermaksud “langit” manakala “musi’un” merupakan ungkapan dari kata perbuatan “awsa’a” bermaksud “meluaskan dan mengembangkan”. Di mana teks sains ini diterangkan dengan jelas menerusi Stephen Hawkin’s, A Brief of Time.

        Keseluruhan Langit Suatu Ketika Dahulu Merupakan Asap
       Al-Qur’an menyatakan bahawa kejadian langit bermula dari asap. Ia menerusi ayat yang bermaksud:
Kemudian Ia menunjukkan kehendak kearah (bahan-bahan) sedangkan langit itu masih berupa asap(al-dukhan) : (Surah Fussilat 41)
            Kajian sains kini bersepakat bahawa kejadian langit adalah sebagaimana yang dinyatakan Al-Quran. Istilah ‘asap’ di atas sesuai sebagai penerangan terhadap komposisi ‘gas panas’ yang wujud sebelum berlaku perkembangan kejadian langit. Para astronomi turut menyatakan pembentukan bintang mesih berlaku kesan daripada kewujudan asap/gas tersebut.

          Berapa ramai tokoh saintis moden yang dibantu dengan peralatan canggih , satelit, teleskop, mikroscop dan komputer mengambil tenpoh yang bukan sekejap bagi memperolehi maklumat yang sedemikian. Adakah diterima akal individu yang hidup 1400 tahun dahulu serta tidak tahu membaca (al-ummi) dapat menghasilkan kitab suci yang mengadungi begitu banyak fakta sainstifak.

         Ini merupakan satu bukti yang mengesahkan bahawa Al-Quran itu kitab suci yang diturunkan oleh Allah S.A.W. 

Kenyataan Sains Dalam Al-Quran

    Al-Quran mengandungi banyak maklumat mengenai masa lampau yang tidak diketahui pada zaman Nabi Muhammad S.A.W serta sejarawan peringkat pertama abad ke-20. Dalam Al-Quran, terdapat bayak kenyataan mengenai keajaiban sains yang baru dapat dibuktikan melalui kajian amtaranya, kejadian alam, biologi, embriologi, astronomi, fizik, geografi, climatologi, perubatan sejarah, kehidupan laut dan  sebagainya.

Bandar Iram yang pupus:
      Iaitu Bandar “Iram” yang mempunyai bangunan-bangunan yang tinggi tiangnya,(sesuai dengan penduduknya)_ surah Al-Fajr 89:7
Kewujudan Bandar Iram tidak diketahui oleh sejrawan dunia sehingga tahun 1973. Bandar yang pupus ini terletak bersebelahan Bandar purba Ebla yang dimana penemuan papan batu di Ebla menjadi bukti bahawa penduduknya pernah mengadakan urusan perniagaan dengan penduduk Bandar Iram. Perjelasan lanjut perkara ini diperoleh daripada majalah “National Geographic December 1978”. Kewujudan Bandar Iram hanya disebut dalam Al-Quran. Begitu asing Bandar Iram sehingga beberapa Ilmuan Tafsit menganggap penyebutan Bandar Ira ini menerusi Al-Quran hanya suatu kiasan atau merujuk kepada seorang lelaki yang tinggi bukan sebuah Bandar.

Menerusi karyanya “Earth” oleh professor Emeritus Frank Press menyatakan bahawa gunung ganang bukan sahaja terletak tinggi dari pemukaan bumi malah mempunyai akar di bawahnya. Oleh itu, gunung ganang dibentuk laksana ‘pasak’ perkara ini menyamai kenyataan Al-Quran terhadap gunung-ganang. Ini dibuktikan melalui Al-Quran:
Bukankah kami dah menjadikan bumi terbentang luas sebagai hamparan? Dan gunung ganang sebagai pancang-pasaknya?

Akar gunung ganag yang terletak jauh dibawah tanah manpu mencengkamke dalam bumi dengan kedalaman sebagaimana ketinggian di atas permukaan atas. Berasaskan ini maka perkataan yang sesuai bagi menyatakan keadaan gunung ganang hanyalah ‘pasak’ yang membawa meksud sesuai yang tersembunyi di bawah tanah. Bagaimana pengarang Al-Quran memiliki maklumat yang begitu terperinci  sedangkan teori ini ditemui pada penjuhung abad ke-19?

                                                            Allah Maha Besar

                                                               Allah The Al-Mighty