Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sad become fun...(^_^)

maybe some of you think... how can sad become fun.? it really imposible.. how can.??!!
well, that why I ask you to think positive.. when you think positive... anything that imposible will be posible.. ok... one story I can share here... this is story about 2 person that become a great3 friend...
it start from happy, sad and happy again...

It about 2 friends name Adam and Izzat... they became a great friends since they meet at from 4 when Izzat came from SBP school... well, since they both meet in the same class, they start to study together, play together and do something together even in lab they make a great team for the every experiment in physics, chemistry and biology.

For every exam, both of them get a great result. Study together and get a great result together for the first exam. For the second exam, it can be say that, second exam far more difficult than first exam. So, both of them try to study more harder then before. They have 4 more weeks to study for the second test. So, for the preparation they study and study and study... every weekend they went to chemistry tuition that why their classmate call both of then 'chem master'.

Even they have 'master' in chemistry, they never stop attending that class. That why they become a best student. Well, they have 1 more week for the second exam. Then, it the last to attend the chemistry class. They so excited to improve which one of them is the best in chemistry.

It was the last day to attend the chemistry class and usually Adam will ride the motocycle with Izzat but this time Adam bring it own motocycle that have been bought 2 day ago. They attend the class happly. After the class end, Adam noticed that his motocycle tyre was leakage. because they don't have enought time Adam force himself to pull the motocycle with Izzat follow in the back.

When they reach at the road, Izzat said that he want to find a workshop to repair the motocycle. With fast motion Adam look at the back of Izzat with a bad feeling. He feel that something bad will happen. After a second, "boOm!!!" the big explosion occur, Adam find that Izzat involved in excident, with panic, Adam leave his motocycle and run toward the excident and this time he sure that Izzat truely involved in excident. The people near the excident lift up Izzat and put him beside the road. Adam was so scared, this is the first time that he watch people excident and he immediately call for ambulans and he try to talk to Izzat which is half conscious.

After a few minutes, the ambulans came and take Izzat to the hospital. That day was the horrible day for Adam. He never forget that day. A day after that Adam got a call from Izzat which placed at the hospital because the ankle was fracture and Adam planned to call all the friends and visited Izzat at the hospital. After the class end, they all went to the hospital. It was good to make Izzat looking happy even Izzat miss the second test. He said that the ankle will be cure in two weeks and he will start to study when he back to school. We all so happy to heard that and the most excited is Adam.

But, what was plan cannot be done because Izzat ankle does not cure in two weeks and the most unfortunate, it does not cure for about 4 month. Adam know that Izzat miss the school and miss to studywith all his friends and Izzat plan to teach him at the hospital and every weekend, Adam when to hospital to teach Izzat without anyone knowing that. One day, Izzat was allow to stay at home  and as the routine Adam will go to Izzat house to teach Izzat. He try the best to teach Izzat.

And, without reliese, it almost SPM trial and Izzat plan to take that exam. It was the best time to improve what he have study while the ankle does not cure yet. It the first day af examination, Izzat surely can answer the question and the second day, Izzat a little bit quite and does take to anyone including Adam and that day, Adam reliese that Izzat face a little bit different and the third day, he sure that Izzat have another disease because his face become yellow but, he force himself to answer the exam. And the fouth day, Izzat must go back to the hospital because of certain disease. Once again he cannot answer the chemistry question.

It a week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, but Izzat still in hospital with a bad pain. All his friends came to visit but unwilling to watch the suffer that experience by Izzat and that time Adam cry, even a strong man like Adam can cry. If remind it back, that the most sad moment. His family came, his friends came, and many of then crying it just like Izzat will leave us forever. All his friends try to hide the sadness, but, they can't.

It Hari Raya day, the most happy day for Adam and friends but, not for Izzat. That morning was so happy, happy than ever. But, that evening, maybe at 5.30, Adam's teacher call Adam and tool that Izzat have been past away that evening at the hospital, and teacher ask Adam to call all Izzat friends, and in a second, Adam cry, a happy moment suddently become the most sad moment, who thought that, at 1 Syawal, the most his best friend leave him forever. to confront the AlMighty.

What can Adam do, he know that, anyone who past away will not come back event there are many thing we made. After that, Adam smiling. Now, he know that why Izzat does  not cure from the disease, that because Izzat have the disease called SLE. the disease where the antibody attack his own organ but not to protect it.

He happy to heard that, because, He know that he confront to Allah, The Al- Mighty  without any wrong and Insyaallah, He will be placed in peace and insyaAllah will be provide surga Al-Jannah because of his patience and his kind to his parent and friends. InsyaAllah.End.

The point is, did you reliese that why Adam smiling when he know that his friend have been past away. This because, he always think positive. And he know that Allah love Izzat more and prevent Izzat from making any mistake in his life time. And, He know that why Allah does't take his life, this because his workship does not enough and he need to make more workship to be succes in other universe.

Now, you know that, all of us must think positive and this will make us happy like Adam.

p/s: i can say that,this story maybe boring but this is true story but, the character have been change... Assalamualaikum..  Islam is the Great..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

::Life With Fun::

Life with fun?? why I'm choose that title??
for me... that title can show me how to have fun in life even many sad thing happen..
it also can help me to me happy always and think a positive thing..
for me, negative thinking is suck... stupid then ever...
it show that you don't know what to think...
always with negative.... don't be stupid la... if you want to be success....
please think positive... this type of thinking also make our life become fun...
try it your self if u don't believe me...
there many thing i want to share in this blog about positive thinking and make our life become fun...
Islam also teach us to think positive cz it prevent our self from trial other person...
it great when we want to think positive in many thing... maybe in this blog, I can share about my life experience and how I try to think positive... I'm also in process to be positive minded... even it hard.. I will try my best...

p/s: sorry if there are many broken language