Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For the future doctors, this is the basic thing you must know.. hihi...

1) how many gene does a human being have?
    the human genome, with its  3.2 billion DNA building blocks, has now been completely decoded. Only 3% f the DNA contains genes that serve as recipes for the building proteins. A few year ago, the numbers of human genes was through to be 100,000 but we know that it is about 25,000.
                                                        this is the sample of DNA
2) How large the human cell?
     the human body has more than 200 cell type in range of sizes. Most have a diameter of between 20 and 50 micrometer. at 120 micrometers, the ova is the thickest, and spermatozoa are the thinnest, with a diameter of only 3 micrometers. The longest are the spinal nerves, which can form branches of up to 1 m in length.
                                                         microscopic human cell
3) How rapid does food pass through the intestines?
     the length of time takes for the meal to make its journey through the 8 m or so of the intestine depends on what was it in. Fat and roughage are the contents that have the most influence on the amount of time food spent in the stomach and the rate at which it is transported  on from there. Speeds of between 20 and 40 mm a minute are achieve  in the small intestine. On average, it take two to three days for the undigested  element of our diet to complete the journey from mount to anus.

4)How much water does the human body contain?
     The human body as the whole is made up of 60-70% water. The highest water content-99%- found in the vitreous body of the eyes. Lymph  and blood contain 96% wan 88% respectively. The least amount of water- even less than in bones (13%)- is contained in tooth enamel a mere 0.2%.

5) How many bone are there in the human skeleton?
     the human body has about 206 bones, but it is possible for it to have more. Some people, for example, have an addition, 13th set of ribs or-in every case- more than 10 fingers and toes. About half of all our bones found in our feet and hands. New born babies have about 350 bones, several of which fuse together later in life.
                                               human skeleton, calculate it our self.
6) How many sperm does man produce?
     it takes about 70 days for the mature sperm to develop from it precursor cell. About 1000 sperm per  second are produce in the testicle which amounts to 100 million sperm each days, pf which unused sperm are broken down. A milliliter of the seminal fluid contains about 60 million sperm. After sexual intercourse they just have 3 days to reach ovum before they die.
                              this just a sample of testis, the place where sperm is produce
7) How many muscle does human being have?
   A human being have more than 600 muscle, which make up 40% of men weight and 30% of a women's. The largest muscle is the broad latissimus dorsi back muscle, and the smallest is attached to the stapes, or stirrup ossicle, in the middle ear.
                                                    wow, a lot of muscle, how to count it? possible!!
8) How many cell does cells does blood contain?
      in the adult 51 of blood, there is 50 million white blood corpuscle, 1.5 trillion blood platelets and 25 trillion red blood corpuscles- together representing one quarter of the body's total number of cell. More than 2 million red blood corpuscles are produces in the bone marrow every second. If they were laid end to end, they would stretch a distance of 192500 km
9) What is the output of the heart?
     During the low level of physical activity the heart pumps 4-5 liters of blood per minutes, 0r 6000-7000 liters a day. Some 140-300 ml go into the heart ventricle, 70-130 ml of which are pumped out of every heartbeat. By the time we reach the age of 70, out heart will have beaten about 2.5 billion time and pumped 160 million liters of blood.
                                                   never stop pumping until we die!! 

daripada article ini, dapat juga melihat kebesaran Ilahi, Ya Allah, Engkau telah mencipta manusia-manusia dengan sempurna. Hanya Engkau yang dapat mencipta manusia dengan sehebat ini. Sesungguhnya Engkau lebih mengetahui tentang penciptaan manusia ini. Allahuakbar!!

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