Tuesday, May 10, 2011

different between bacteria and virus

the most obvious different between bacteria and virus lies in their respective sizes. Bacterium is must more bigger then virus. However, the most important different between them is that bacteria are life forms that can reproduce independently, whereas viruses are dependent for their reproduction on living host cell.

    It is also the case that viruses only have one kind of nucleic acid, and their genotype only exist as DNA or RNA. Bacteria, on the other hand are like higher life forms in the store all their genetic information in their DNA and also contain various kinds of RNA that fulfill other functions.

    Bacteria are easier to combat than various since they can be killed with antibiotics, which interrupt the cell's metabolism. Viruses, however use the host's cell metabolism, which is why antibiotics don't stop them. So, far only a handful of drugs have been developed that are effective against viruses.

some of people usually hard to differentiate what is virus and what is bacteria. So, this is a little information from the book that I want to share about virus and bacterium. virus are more harmful than bacteria. So, beware!!


Juice in the coconut is for what?

    Coconut juice, or coconut or the more precise is liquid from the coconut tree seeding. The sweet, almost transparent liquid is full of nutrient, containing oil, sugar, water, vitamins and mineral, including potassium, phosphorus and selenium. As the fruit is the less water it will contain. Coconut water is sterile and can therefore be used in the emergency as a substitute  for serum and injected directly into a vein in case where there been a major blood loss.

    Well, this one of the interesting fact, who know coconut water give much more benefits for us. So, try to drink it, it much more better then other water.