Monday, April 18, 2011

Can we believe in love at first sight?

love at first sight is not, in fact, just some cliche from the world of romantic novel and films- it really does happen. Experiment conducted by behavioural scientists have even shown that the so-called first sight has to last for around 30 second, but not much longer than that. the critical 30 second is long enough for us to decide whether we are interested in the person in question or is enough time for a fairly long period of eye contact, or for the exchange of a few sentences. If a woman likes man, she may offer more 'filler' sounds like 'ah' and 'oh'. this also something that men tend to do when they find a woman attractive, but only if the man in question is not shy.

~first love really exist~ so, much important yeah.

                                                           ~love and love and love~

p/s: perasaan kasih sayang itu fitrah, tp, jgn gunakan kasih sayang itu untuk memuaskan nafsu seranah.
    ~carilah cinta yang utama, maka akan mendapat cinta yang pertama~ wasalam...

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