Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Great Of Islam

I just finished reading book title “bukt-bukti sains dan sejarah KERASULAN MUHAMMAD” 
written by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin. The book is so great it tell everything about the Islam and 
the Christian. What the different about it? When I read that book, it give all the answer, it show 
the great of Islam and the history of Islam and also the history of Al-Quran which prevent the 
Islamic culture from extinction. It show that Al-Quran not the hand-made or men-made for the 
past thousand year, but it is Wahyu from Allah the Al-Mighty to our prophet, Nabi Muhammad 
s.w.t and to lead the human from the wrong side of the religious.   

There nothing wrong in the Al-Quran, there nothing that have been copied in this Al-Quran, in 
the other word, it is “sahih”. It also can be a reference for all the Muslim to lead their self from 
do something wrong about the religious.  This can prevent the issue about ‘nabi palsu’, ‘rasul melayu’(in Malaysia), ‘ajaran Ayah Pin’ and much-much more which against the Islam.

I can’t understand why there is many followed that follow ‘nabi palsu’, ‘rasul melayu’ and ‘ayah pin’. Because in the Al-Quran have already said that ‘there are not exist any other rasul or nabi after Nabi Muhammad s.w.t and also there no other religious better than Islam’ but why ‘ajaran ayah pin’ still exist and there are many followers of ‘ayah pin’. Why that happen? They don’t have a real religious or what? Think it yourself.

Back to the book, the book also tell about the bible which are the kitab for Christian. This  book tell that bible is the hand-made or the men-made by 4 person after Nabi Isa have been passed away that is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. But, after many year the bible have been write and have been use and also have made the research, it said that there no prove that this 4 person write the bible. There no prove that Bible have been write by this 4 person!!

Year by year, the bible have been change, this book explain many thing such as, when the bible have been research, there are addition of information to the bible. For many year the bible have been interpret , there much more information have been add and also many information have  rejected when there many research have been made.

And believe it or not, after have been interpret more and more, the bible also change the name according to their place and their content. And the greatest bible have been made is Bible King James. But, today this bible have been greatly rejected. 

In this article, I will show the hierarchy of the bible………

Bible Miles Coverdale (1535) Bible Matthew(1537)Bible Great( 1539)Bible Geneva(1560) Bible Rheims-Douai(1582,1609) Bible King James(1611)Bible English Version(1881-85) Bible Revised Standard Version(1952) Bible Jerusalem(1966), Bible New English(1970) Bible New American(1970) Bible New International Version(1973-78) Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures(1985) and Bible New Revised Standard Version(1990).

That show the sequence of bible. This is the truth, when there something that have been made by human, there are many mistake that been made. One example is the Bible it self. Difference with Al-Quran, Al-Quran will remain until the end of the world with the same contain and will be use for all the Muslim in this world. There are plenty of prove that the Al-Quran is the Qalam Allah. 

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